Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gay Marriage = Love; One Response to Handling Negative People/Contrary Opinions

Oh.  Marriage is just marriage.  It is just a political construct.  Love?  That's another thing.  Homosexuality?  Your choice, your desire.  Should gays be given the chance of marrying?  Why not?  But does marriage equate to love?  Absolutely not.  Maybe there is love in your marriage.  I am sure that there is love in my marriage.  But that love would be the same if we weren't married.  If not, then maybe it wasn't ever love.  And what the hell is love anyway?  It could be god's hand on your heart and god's other hand on the heart of your partner.  Or maybe it is that god's hand is grabbing the two of you between the legs.  Aye Ya Yaye!  But, maybe God created the penis and the vagina solely for procreation reasons...  The pleasure was constructed for ensuring that we have sexual intercourse between a man and a woman...  I can't create babies.  It's possible that my wife can't create babies.  Maybe we shouldn't be married...  Truthfully, I don't think I should be alive, although my lifeline says that I will live until 95 years of age.  You can't argue with lifelines now can you?  Who knows?  Maybe I will be kidnapped here in Mexico and they will cut off my hands before they kill me...  So much for lifelines!  I almost had gay male friends. But they were always birdwatching and talking bad about my gay female fishing friends...  Well, if you aren't gay, then maybe you don't know what I'm talking about.  In any case, I had some almost really wonderful gay male friends over the course of many years.  But each and everyone of them developed a crush on me and couldn't truly be friends.  Should we have married?  Would that have meant that all my almost gay male friends felt true love?  Or was it just a typical male conquest need.  They are archers and their penises are arrows and my ass was the bullseye.  Don't think I'm being homophobic.  I'm actually being cute. My cousin died from AIDS related diseases and never told anyone he was gay until he was dying.  And the worst thing was he was such a male chauvenist pig in his desire towards covering up his homosexuality.  Imagine that...  I hated him for being so chauvenistic.  Because of his protecting his sexuality, no one was able to near him as a person.  I don't know who and how he truly was.  Maybe we could have had some good conversations.  This is a problem of the society.  He had every right to protect himself.  He had every reason for that concern.  But, with his own family...  And I think he died horribly sad.  The cousin of my mother is gay.  And he is the male in my family with whom I felt most comfortable.  He protected himself also. But he didn't create a whole different image.  And truthfully I didn't know he was gay until my other cousin was dying...  And who the hell cares?  But there are a lot of arguments floating around.  And who knows who is right.  But there are a whole lot of people who are wrong...

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