Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

And let the battle begin...

We are now entering into a very personal battle of understanding and explaining...  It's about perceptions of responsibility, carelessness and timing...  My uncle Henry, the marathon runner developed heart problems that didn't kill him, because he was killed by a drunk driver...  But, when you tell people that you had a heart attack, the immediate thought is that you are unhealthy... or irresponsible or careless...  Look up "Caballo Blanco" and how he died... He was an ultramarathoner and the hero in the wonderful journalistic piece "Born to Run"... He died of a certain form of heart attack, in the middle of his daily run.  They found him dead with his running shoes on, sitting alongside a stream...  How old was he? 56? 

What happens if my body was in the process of clearing the plaques from my arteries and one of the plaques broke off and blocked the small heart artery causing the heart attack?  The proponents of the plant-based diet show in their animation of arteriosclerosis and sudden heart attacks that what causes the heart attack is the sudden breaking away of arterial plaque causing the obstruction...  They say you can be VERY healthy and suddenly die in the street...  Nice scare tactic.  But, I don't know if they are so wrong about scaring us into becoming vegans.  The question is, how accurate is their science?

If you look through the scientific studies and look through the internet, you'll find many different political-dietary groups attacking the medical tendency towards leaning so heavily on synthetic/chemical (pharmaceutical) solutions to organic problems...  Each political-nutritional group points their finger at their competitor for dietary-scientific reason.  However, each also claims that their diet protects the patient from having to use Statins and that Statins can be avoided or should be avoided... if you follow their diet...  

The moment we become dependent upon chemical medicine for resolving organic issues within our bodies, we cease placing our complete attention upon what we ingest...  You may disagree saying that I take statins and I follow the Mediterranean Diet.  And I may ask you, "Do you truly know what consists of the Mediterranean Diet?  Do you truly understand what it means?  How often do you 'cheat'?"  And, if your statins and blood thinners are doing most of the work and why you pay so much for them, must you also intentionally consume natural or whole foods that also lower your cholesterol or triglycerides and that naturally thin your blood?  If you are taking supplimental anti-oxidents, must you also drink pomegranate juice?  I will be cooking with fresh turmeric in most of my dishes from now on.  Do you know about turmeric?  Do you know about Nopal Cactus Paddles and Prickly Pears?  Did you know that Turmeric and Prickly Pear and their nopal cactus paddles compete for the world's greatest natural anti-inflamatories and blood thinners?  And, not only are they such, the red prickly pear has the highest level of the anti-oxidant Betalain found on earth...  So, what will it be; diet or prescription?  What is more reliable and what is safer?  Of course you can't know if you don't do the reading... And it helps so much more if scientists not connected with the pharmaceutical companies are researching and publishing on the subject and you can find their articles in the National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine...

But, I can assure you of one thing:  Your doctor promotor of Statins and Beta Blockers and Blood Thinners has not looked this up on the internet and has not read the articles found in the National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine.  So, who is wrong?

What is the battle?

Where do we go from here?  How do we go from here?

And it always seems that I cut the writing short.

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