Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A letter to Dr. Jess Madden

I've been in contact with Jess for over a year now.  It was through her website that I finally understood the relationship between apple cider and alcohol that caused the same horrible allergic reaction; that I didn't have an allergy to apples or alcohol... That the connection between the alcohols and the apple cider is Sulfites... what is placed with the apples or the grapes or other fermentable fruits etc to control the formation of molds...  For years I had horrible reactions without understanding what was happening.  It was also through Jess that I understood that the issue of histamines or why some people find themselves taking anti-histamines through their lifetime is because those people lack a certain enzyme in their stomachs to metabolize naturally occuring histamines we obtain in certain amino acids in our diet.  Considering that Jess has battled with Celiac Disease and a constantly increasing array of issues with allergies since childhood and through medical school, I felt she was the most adequate person to ask how to approach the prescription of powerful pharmaceuticals for "reversing" arteriosclerosis and their risks...

Hi Jess, long time no communication.  Everything was going real well with the "diet" (off wheat products for a year now and my digestive tract is much different...  However, I've stumbled across ideas that if a person has problem with gluten, they probably will have problems with zein in corn... I mention this because my wife and I spent December at her family's home and on the road, where we found ourselves eating much corn tortillas and tamales and suddenly I found myself with very similar issues, as if the corn was mixed with wheat...

But, this is NOT why I write you today.  Thursday I had a heart attack... and I ran 3 miles in the middle of it...  Since I thought the pain in my throat and lower jaw was from an alergic reaction to soy in chocolates I ate in the morning (since "high quality" dark chocolate caused immediate headaches and joint pains in January, while I have no problems with pure cocoa beans), I didn't seek a cardiologist until Saturday, after receiving the results of bloodtests I had ordered on Friday that showed high AST and high Lactic Acid in my blood stream.  Saturday evening I had an angiogram done and had two stents placed in two of my heart arteries.  The artery that was blocked was the smallest of the arteries and the cardiologist said that it was too late to change that situation and that it really doesn't make much of a difference.  Towards the end of the placement of the stents, I had an allergic reaction to the Iodine placed in my heart for imaging...  My pulse increased from 68 to 200 and my body went into uncontrolable shivering/spasms... all because no one asked me if I have a history of allergies to clams...  I've eaten long-necked clams 3 times in my life and with the same horrible reaction...  It took them 30 minutes to control the reaction.  In the meanwhile I lost consciousness.  And when I came too afterwards, I couldn't see for a few hours...  Although the mishap was the falt of the doctors or the nurse who didn't ask me if I had alergies to seafood (a reaction to yodo in the image resonance ink supposedly is less than 10%, although this was the first time occurance for my intervention cardiologist), they still charged us for the cost of all of the medicine used to control the reaction.

Considering this mishap or the lack of asking questions before prescribing powerful drugs, I've put on hold taking any of the 4 drugs the cardiologist prescribed me yesterday...  One says, "not to be used if the patient has a history of asthma or respiratory problems"  But, the doctor didn't ask me if I was asthmatic (I was but supposedly ceased being diagnosable... my asthma has been called "Seasonal Asthma" and appears often in response to allergic reactions, like mold spores, dust particals and who knows what else triggers it...)  

Do you know anything about the risks of people using Statins and other drugs for arteriosclerosis who have a tendency towards allergies or who do not metabolize histamines adequately?  

As I'm sure you know, not taking the statins or the blood thinners or the platelet unstickers seems reckless on my part.  Then again, taking whatever drug prescribed by a doctor who I can assure you doesn't truly know all that's behind how those free samples given him by his pharmaceutical rep, also seems extremely reckless.


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