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Pico de Orizaba
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturn in the 9th House; Saturn in Taurus; Thoughts about Astrology, Thoughts about Ross

For me, Saturn is the most important planet in Astrology, since it relates to your life struggle, fears, shadow; something you must question, confront and overcome over a lifetime.  Saturn is your route that encompasses and influences all of your other astrological planets and signs.  As modern humans, each of us choses which planet most interests us depending upon our "needs" and desires at the moment.  For instance, the sun has so much to do with ego, the moon has to do with some sort of dependency/connection within relationships, your emotional state, Venus has to do with aesthetics/beauty/tastes, cultural styles, art...  Mars has to do with aggression and how you go pursue your goals, be it gaining a lover or obtaining a material need, pursuing a career.  Jupiter has to do with your spiritual beliefs, the Rising sign or Ascendent has so much to do with relationships, how people perceive us and our outward appearance, and Saturn has to do with our true life struggles, our fears, what we think we reject, what we hide in the closet, our shadow.  If you believe that the only way to overcome obstacles is by confronting them, then you embrace your Saturn and you don't hide yourself from others or from yourself...  You accept conflict as part of the process...  But maybe you believe that the most important aspect of your horoscope is your Sun, Mars and Ascendent.  That wouldn't be a surprise if you are from 21st Century Hollywood influenced United States. Ego, Ambition and Public Relations/Networking/Who you know/appearance (Sun, Mars, Rising) are all about that.  The problem is that there is so much more to life and to you than those 3 aspects.  So, if you ignore the rest, maybe you will become very disattisfied later on in life...  All this said, I read that my Saturn is in Taurus in the 9th House.  But I can't find any information written about that as a whole.  I only encountered Saturn in the 9th House as if that means that it is in Sagittarius or Saturn in Taurus, although she connects that with the 2nd house...  Following are the two written pieces.   Both heavily ring a bell in me...  

Here we have the call of the spiritual journey—here the “work” of Saturn in Sagittarius or the 9th house is about learning what brings meaning to life. Sound easy? It's not….this is not the typical old model of the religious journey, with its call to hand over spiritual authority to someone else, but the call to seek personal meaningfulness in this life. This is a quest for knowledge—it’s not about accepting the image of a god who is all knowing and all judging—in fact, with this placement, you’re likely to find the idea of an Old Testament god or any patriarchal super-ego to be quite distasteful! (Yes, this could include your boss at work too…)
But…you’d like to be right. You have a hunger for wisdom. You may be persistent, humorous and have a tolerant view of life, yet at your core there’s a hunger for something more. You want to get your relationship with God and Life right—even if you’re an atheist. You want daily work that has meaning, and a life you can be proud of. Who doesn’t? But your ability to set priorities and “focus in” can make the rest of us look spiritually lazy...for you’re willing to travel, study and struggle to come into right relationship with your Self.
Some astrologers might see this Saturn placement as being one of the “reluctant philosopher.” It sounds easy, but the search for wisdom often leads us on paths that travel right through hell before we get it right. You don’t get this hunger for Truth, fairness, and spiritual equality by being in a state of bliss—it’s more likely you’ve seen and lived through the worst, and passed through the shadows of prejudice, constriction, and narrow minded injustice. Most of us are reluctant travelers through the realms of hell.
Saturn Return Questions: With Saturn, the planet of “concentrated focus” in expansive Sagittarius, you will be challenged to see both sides of any issue and to hold the “tension of the opposites” in your life till the gleam of understanding and wisdom breaks through. Don’t give up! As you willingly hold two opposing viewpoints or have to choose between “a rock and a hard place” make a decision to wait and ponder before acting. The right answer will arise in time. Can you set your own self-generated priorities and find what brings inner freedom for you? You are being called to be a wise person who will teach the rest of us the true meaning of freedom, tolerance and love. But no short cuts are allowed—you can’t do a spiritual bypass on emotional problems. One step at a time…and you’re there. Not so bad! ~ Elizabeth Spring

With Saturn in Taurus there can often be a “fear of loss” both subtly and not so subtly. Saturn’s lesson in Taurus is to teach the individual how to develop his self-worth by discovering and upholding his true sense of values and priorities, independent of society’s judgment.
  On the downside, there are several challenging manifestations with this placement.
 Saturn in Taurus appreciates the fine things in life, but still may be dealing with a sense of scarcity and fear of loss on some level. There’s a desire for stability—emotional, financial, even spiritual. Taurus would like clear uncomplicated answers. Life is paradoxical and often messy, so this in itself upsets those who have Saturn placed in Taurus.
   Taurus has an affinity (or ‘issues’ as we often say!) with food, beauty and money—so Saturn here tests our relationship with each of these things. Physically, it effects how we feel about our body; the manner we perceive ourselves physically, and how susceptible we are to social pressures about our looks. If other planetary parts of our charts are rebellious and are non-conforming there can be even more challenges, as Saturn in Taurus can manifest as a love-hate struggle with food, money, diets, exercise, and struggle with the process of aging.
Similar to other earth signs, Saturn in Taurus can be a workaholic who can experience guilt and shame for indulging in the rewards of hard work. In a sense you could see yourself as “being tested” for knowing and living by your true sense of values. Don't make material things too important. You may want to possess even loved ones; so jealousy can be a problem.
 Saturn in Taurus is persistent to the point of stubbornness, and has great stamina and loyalty. You can be very pragmatic, restricting yourself in the present, and with careful planning you may put off immediate gratification for the promise of future reward.
 If Saturn is afflicted by difficult aspects, money isn't denied, but there may be problems attached to it, as well as in the use of your sexual energy. The 2ndand 5th chakras are involved here, so sexual as well as throat and speech issues can be important. But because something is “challenging” doesn’t mean it’s bad or lacking, in fact, when you meet the challenge, you may very well find you have gifts in precisely those areas in which you are challenged!
 Saturn in Taurus motivates one to discipline, structure, and ‘grounding’. Saturn here will teach lessons of trust, patience and self-worth. Many people with this placement achieve what they want in life because they are willing to bring their loyalty and persistence to long-term plans and goals.
Saturn Return Questions: When do I sabotage myself by being too slow to respond or too fearful to take a risk? Could I give myself more time to ponder what my true beliefs are, and act from them, rather than “reacting” to outside pressure or expectations? Do I cultivate-- and let myself appreciate--the joys of loyal friendships? What would happen if I changed my mind about some old assumptions? elizabethspring@aol.com   www.elizabethspring.com


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