Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Vegetarians discriminating against people who don't eat gluten or simple carbs and Racist Krishnas; welcome to 21st Century Enlightenment!

Yesterday we went to the inaugeration of José and Mary's new Indian clothing and crafts etc store. When I was offered the vegetarian samosas or traditional Indian pastries and asked about their ingredients and said that I wasn't eating wheat or potatoes or other simple carbs, "they" looked at me as if I was crazy. Some people stated, "One time won't hurt!" I bet you've heard that before! Did anyone say "peer pressure"? So I mentioned when I was a Vegetarian 20-25 years ago and told people that I couldn't eat their pot roast or other meats and they were incredibly offended and stated, "what, are you a rabbit? What do you eat, lettuce?" And the funny thing is that this time I wasn't the vegetarian with a group of vegetarians who were doing to me what would repeatedly be done to them by the "in group"... 

The Mexican Krishna Astrologer said to me, "Hindus are peaceful and accepting people who don't cause conflict and don't judge. But those bastard Moslems are pure hate and violence. In Europe there are some Jews and Christians who are almost enlightened. But, they believe in pseudo-religions..." I replied, "I have a Jordanian friend who works for an Egyptian friend. The Jordanian friend said that when people learn that he is Arabic, they become tense and make snide remarks about Moslems being Terrorists and he responds, 'Oh yeah, at this moment I have two hand grenades in my pocket ready to toss at you. But in all seriousness, did you know that Islam is the most populated religion in the world? 1.5 billion followers... and that if each Islamic person was as violent and Jihad happy as these people believe, don't you believe we would have destroyed our enemies and the world?'" Mohammed, the Egyptian fried visited me in Aguascalientes, presented me to his wife and we talked about preparing Middle-Eastern food in Mexico (I gave his head-covered [Niqab] wife a cup of the Egyptian-Yemeni inspired lentil stew I prepared that afternoon by coincidence). The conversation went well until I mentioned that Israeli Arabs (or Jewish Arabs) and Islamic Arabs were cousins who basically shared the same religious laws, culture, language and foods and should respect one another and learn to live together in harmony. He spat out "NEVER" and walked away with a tense smile. The following day I mentioned the same thing to his Jordanian worker who responded, "Look, I don't believe in all of the propaganda and have met a lot of Israeli's or Jews in the Middle East, the U.S. and in Mexico and know that they are my friends. But, the world wants to divide and fight..." I mentioned to the Mexican Krishna Astrologer that two days ago, Narendra Modi was elected the new Prime Minister of India and that his terms as leader of the state of Gujarat were rife with controversy due to anti-Moslem riots/violence since 1992. Narendra Modi's party that just won control of India is of Hindu belief and has been accused of pay-rolling the anti-Moslem violence. So much for Hindus being pacifists. Plus, the Mexican Krishnas tell Mexicans that Hindus (Asian Indians; although India is comprised of Hindus, Sikhs, Bhuddists and Moslems) are Vegetarians and that in India hunger doesn't exist because the wealthy people and the Krishnas always create banquet/festivals for thousands in various communities (and show photos;-) If you look up world vegetarianism, yes you will find that the country with the highest percentage of vegetarians is India. However, you will also notice that only 30% of Hindus in India are vegetarian... You've gotta love propaganda and lies, religion (politics) and power... EAT YOUR VEGGIES BAD BOYS and GIRLS... But also, learn to use your mind.

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