Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Limited Fatigue Experience with Removal of Simple Carbs.

I don’t believe it is absolutely necessary having the tests or biopsies for justifying diet/lifestyle changes that improve our health. Yes, it would be nice if there was truly accurate information that explains just how tolerant or intolerant is the human body to gluten. Something tells me that gluten is a general “no no” for the general population. However, we are a “scientific” culture and we don’t trust supositions or blanket statements and it seems that most people would prefer being inflamed or obese than trust someone without well backed-up information telling them that they should stop “partying”…

That said, Margarita and I have returned home from our intense work with our coffee bar in possibly the most important state fair in Latin America (San Marcos)… 23 days straight of working from 8am until as late as 4am. We are now 2.5 months gluten-free and basically simple carbs-free. One month without 45-60 minute run walks. And we both continued losing weight/inflamation. In two months we’ve both lost 22.5 pounds/10kgs. I must point out one thing: in the past, the horrible sleeping and the super exhaustion caused what I call “Lack of Sleep Hang-over” and I always ended up with what seems like Peripheral Neuropathy from my right shoulder to my fingers and what seems like a form of Tunnel Syndrome. This time around, although we sold the most coffee we’ve sold per day in our history, meaning that I had a ton more work with the Frappe Machines (lifting 3 liter jugs of frappe or coffee with milk for filling the frappe machines hundreds of times per day and placing up to seven 21 liter boxes filled with sweetened black coffee for cooling for the Frappe machines), I didn’t experience any neuropathy, tunnel or arthritis symptoms. Plus, I didn’t experience the typical exhaustion and sense of Sleep Hang-over, mental fogginess. Margarita claims that she also didn’t experience the typical exhaustion or mental fogginess etc… Truthfully, I attribute this to the cross the board withdrawal of simple carbs. However, Margarita mentioned that she believes that removal of gluten removed her lactose intolerance when drinking coffee with milk and she didn’t experience the strange pain (needle prick sensation) in her knees or her ankles… 4 years ago she had developed severe pain in those regions accompanied with strange blemishes and strange bumps. She visited with various doctors and had various blood tests taken. However, nothing came back positive, not for Lupus, not for Rheumatism or for Cellulite (I don’t know if that is the translation from Spanish to English)… I did a bunch of research and came to the conclusion that it was a “warning” of what may come if she isn’t more “careful”; that she would develop Rheumatism in her legs and must remove wheat, dairy and red meat from her diet. However, she didn’t take the idea serious (since it is incredibly difficult to change one’s customs, tendencies, lifestyles, especially if not accompanied with a diagnosis).

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