Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The affects of Coca Cola on the paint job of your car verses the affects of Coca Cola on your body; not a debate about Leptospirosis

In fact, forget about placing it on your car:

Actually, I was thinking more of the sugar content... forgetting about the chemical content and the artificial colorings or the bi-carbonate content... etc... The American Heart Association just came out with the maximum recommended daily allowance for carbohydrates (sugars; that includes wheat products, corn products, rice products and anything else --refined-- removed from it's dietary fiber) for Children, Adult Females and Adult Males and you will be more than surprised: For children: less than 1 teaspoon of "sugar" per day (3 grams). For Adult women: 20 grams of sugar per day (5 teaspoons). For Adult males: 38 grams of sugar per day (9.5 teaspoons)... But why the American Heart Association? Why not the American Diabetes Association? Two reasons: Diabetes is the #1 cause of Heart Disease; and, "they" just discovered that it isn't animal fat that causes heart disease (especially since the heart relies 100% on fat as its energy source) but one type of LDL Cholesterol (VLDL: Very Low Density Lipoproteins) and triglycerides that come from carbohydrates. Remember when they came out with the body types of obesity that put you at greater risk of heart attacks? If you carry your weight above your hips and aren't blessed with the hour glass figure of weight gain... Well, it is also said that pot bellies or belly fat is from insulin intolerance (the cells of your body decided that they have received more than enough glucose and block the insulin that moves the glucose from the blood stream to the cells). Now, when you don't metabolize the glucose, the glucose is transfered to the liver where it is converted into fat (triglycerides) and from triglycerides to VLDL Cholesterol and stored around your mid-section... Have blood tests taken, look at your triglyceride and VLDL Cholesterol levels, go two weeks without eating simple carbs and have the blood test taken again to see how much both levels drop... You'll be amazed... If you were able to change your eating style (not a diet, but a lifestyle change), you would not only remove the risk of Diabetes but greatly decrease the risk of heart related problems... And remember, inflamation is directly related to digestive issues (malabsorption problems and metabolic disorders--low energy levels etc), auto-immune diseases (arthritis and rheumatism for two examples), cancer and neurological disorders (not limited to mental issues but muscular/motor issues such as the tunnel syndromes, Parkinson's type diseases etc...) No, it's not about dieting and losing wait but about feeling much better (healthier) during the years you will continue living... Just so you know; Alcohol is considered the sugar that affects you at the highest rate/speed... Most alcoholics don't die from Cirosis of the Liver but from Diabetes related diseases and neurological impairment. Remember, neurological impairment not only affects your motor abilities/responses but your mind and ability to make adequate decisions. "Craziness" is the first symptom of alcoholism. Diabetes is the second disease that appears for the alcoholic. Peripheral Neuropathy follows Diabetes for affects of alcoholism; and Cirosis of the liver afterwards... With diabetes also comes peripheral neuropathy, heart disease, vision problems (the problem with the optical nerve and formation of "AGEs" or Advanced Glycogen Endproducts on the cornea caused by excess glucose, ultimately leading to the breaking of the cornea in 1 of 4 Diabetics), kidney problems caused by hypertension, amputation of lower limbs due to poor blood circulation and nervous system issues... So, I would reconsider buying and opening that can of Coke and not placing it under the faucet for preventing Leptorspirosis. And forget about ruining your paint job just to show what possible corrosive effect the Coke could have on your digestive tract...

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