Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Letter I posted to Morley Robbins on the Magnesium Advocacy Group and his important response...

Ross Goldstein
Yesterday at 9:05pm

Thanks to Morley Robbins' comment referring to Gallbladder cleansing this morning where he shares a Pubmed artical linking low glutathione levels to increased incidence of Gallstones, I suddenly feel that I have the link between my inflamed gallbladder/gallstones of 2006, my heart attack 3 weeks ago, what seems like histadelia/undermethylization, childhood asthma (that never really went away...) and, possibly, my hereditary "disease" Familia Adenamatous Polyposis/Gardners Syndrome. I'm seeking scholarly articals for truly tying this together so that I can convince my cardiologist and other people why they should "treat me" for what causes the inflamation etc and not the fats/cholesterol... I feel this great need to "prove" that the cause of the heart attack is the same cause of the rest of the medical issues; undermethylation/glutathione deficiency... When I read what Morley posted, a light flashed on extremely brightly. But now that I'm searching for the literature I had read over the past 3 years, I'm finding it a bit more elusive than I had expected. So, if anyone has access to the information I'm seeking or feels their "educated guesses" could be helpful, I would be extremely appreciative...

Morley Robbins Ross Goldstein
They are related...
Regrettably, your Cardiologist has NO economic incentive to link these together, NOR to solve your "disease..."

When you're well, how do you expect her/him to pay for their trinkets?...

Forgive my cynicism, but the literature can be connected, but I fear it would fall on deaf ears... Sorry!

A votre sante!

Ross Goldstein Forgive your cynicism Morley? I think that, in light of all the varying socio-political or political-economic "situations" within which we find ourselves, cynicism is the only thing that truly keeps "the homefires burning"... or "the flame under our asses"... It's what incites us and inspires us to NOT leave it up to someone else... if you know what I mean... I'm giving the cardiologist a chance... as strange as it sounds... a chance to work with me... And if I must totally succumb to the reality or "cynicism", meaning that there really isn't any hope... I will just return to how I felt two nights ago before MJ Hamp shared with me information about finding Magnesium Chloride in Mexico or how I felt this morning reading the information you placed about glutathione... A feeling of having something to fight for... a wonderful project... And it isn't a project with a Cardiologist... but with myself... for a truly worthwhile "peace of mind"... Something I could say to the cardiologist truly backing up the reasoning behind why he should stop suggesting prescription medicines... at least certain ones... And, if the situation for me is truly hopeless, at least I can approach the next heart attack or the Alzheimers or the cancer that is always looming with FAP/Gardners (that should have killed me 14 years ago...) with the idea that it all makes sense now... It's al connected... And one last thing: I just read that it is believed that Methionine raises the risk of cancer... Now, I was born with an incredible risk of cancer... So, how about the idea (although possibly spiritual) that my body has created undermethylization since well before puberty for fighting the genetic predisposition of dying from cancer at a very young age (my father died at the age of 34)... My younger sister, who inhereted the same gene, although does not experience all of the allergies and the asthma that I've experienced all of my life, has developed cancer of the thyroids and rectal cancer... I've never had cancer, although I've had the preventative surgeries due to the polyps and other things... Truthfully, two days ago I was feeling absolutely hopeless without a future towards which to plan... Today, I feel there is something really interesting towars which to work... Thanks for responding! and if you stumble across something and remember me, I will greatly appreciate the information.
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MCW: Ross Goldstein, I totally get your hope, though for other reasons. I hope you found your information. And b we have doctors that enjoy us giving them information, a rare breed for sure, but real alln the same.
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MJH: Ross GOldstein - were you able to get the Mg chloride?
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Ross Goldstein MJH, of course! Or I wouldn't be so indepted to you
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