Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Possible Medical Mal-practice and Tumors in the Rectum; Letter to my sister.

Beth, I hope you respond to the following questions. After I write the questions I will explain the reason for asking: 

Thursday was a routine check-up/rectal exam? 

If so, how often did you have those exams? 

I guess I understand why you can't have your rectum relined; since the interior tissue could be in the process of developing cancer. However, that doesn't explain why you can't have a J-Pouch, since they remove the rectum and replace it with a portion of the Ilium. 

I don't know if you know how and why I ended up having my last surgery for the J-Pouch. It had nothing to do with a routine visit. I imagine it had been a good while since I had visited with a Gastroenterologist. I was leaving it all up to fate. Since I didn't believe in my future (have hope for it), since I always imagined I would die the age dad died. However, 

Somewhere around the summer of 2001, I started bleeding. Not a problem since I had always seen some bleeding in the toilet...  on and off since my colonoscopy in 1983. The difference was that this bleeding was accompanied by pain, excruciating pain, as if at the moment of trying or pushing on the toilet, my rectum would cramp, like a foot cramp. I remember finding myself sitting on the toilet in Joey's apartment in Spanish Harlem on the far east side and waiting for the pain to stop so I could continue and then leave the bathroom... And looking down, there was more blood than usual. But, I am sure I let it pass, since I was not in the position or interested in seeing doctors. However, this occurred again in my apartment in Brooklyn and I imagine it both scared me and Joey. She must have suggested my going to a hospital. We went to a hospital in Park Slope. Truthfully I don't know why we elected that one... They had us sit in the waiting room the whole night, 8 hours until someone looked at me in the morning. You have no idea how uncomfortable I was. There was no bench for laying upon... 

When they finally admitted me, Joey asked that they allow her to accompany me with the doctor who proceeded to look inside my rectum with a long white tube. He said that he was looking at a strange large mass, which he imagined caused the pain. Joey asked if she could look and he permitted her, which was great, since she seemed so interested and made some jokes lightening up the mood greatly. It was her interest and participation that inspired me to visit other doctors and eventually have the surgery. You were with Mom and I when I visited the gastroenterologist. I don't remember his name. But he mysteriously appeared in my hospital room in late January 2002 offering his services like a door-to-door saleman: since I was in the hospital for my ileostomy "take-down", why not allow him to remove the polyps that were in my small intestine? What polyps? And why didn't he mention them in September? But, what happened with that mass in my rectum? It wasn't a tumor? Gorstein said that I had a lot of polyps. But that they were non-malignant. So, I asked him the question that led to his famous response: "If I don't have cancer, is it necessary to have the surgery now?" and his response, "You are correct. It is possible that the polyps won't turn. BUT, the moment that one becomes malignant, it is TOO LATE!" So, we had the surgery... 

My question is how the gastroenterologist knew that I was in the hospital that "weekend" and if it is possible that the two make business for one and the other... If I didn't have cancer, why the mass and why the pain with such bleeding? Polyps bleed. But do they cause heavy bleeding accompanied by acute pain? Maybe Gorstein was about to perform an illegal surgery. Maybe I had cancer in the rectum and he wasn't supposed to construct a J-Pouch if I had cancer. The J-Pouch surgery is a much more lucrative process than the removal of rectum and the creation of a permanent Ileostomy... The surgery was supposed to take maximally 3 hours and wouldn't leave me with a temporary ileostomy. However, it took 6 hours supposedly due to complications that were never explained to me... and I ended up with the temporary ileostomy (which is standard proceedure for J-Pouch surgery; so he lied to me in order for convincing me)... and I ended up with the inability to impregnate anyone. I can enjoy sex. But, I can't impregnate Margarita. I wonder where else they were when they were THERE... Maybe they were removing "infected" tissue... Ross

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