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Pico de Orizaba
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Epigenetics and FAP/Gardners Syndrome

Epigenetics is a term coined in 1942 that describes changes in the expression or behavior of a gene caused by environmental factors...  quoted from "Celiac Disease; a hidden epidemic" by Peter H.R. Green M.D. (Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University).

What caught my eye is the claim that the DNA of the gene remains the same.  What changes due to environmental factors is the gene expression.  Environmental factors refers to what is placed in the environment of the region concerning the specific gene, such as smoke inhalation and lung cancer etc.  

Do you remember when I suggested to the FAP or Gardners Syndrome groups that maybe FAP/Gardners could be avoided if the parents raise their children with a very different and strict "non-modern" diet?  That maybe it is the changes in the food industry such as technology, preservation techniques, coloring, flavorings and sudden greatly increased access to certain types of foods that caused FAP/Gardners Syndrome to become an issue?   Remember how angry the other FAPers/Gardners Syndromers became?  as if they need to live their status of uncurable and helpless victims...

And it didn't matter that I am also a "sufferer" of FAP/Gardners.

But for some reason I've decided to take a more proactive stance within my health issues.  And, yes, I know that all my work and learning may result in no changes and I may develop a fatal FAP/Gardners Syndrome--connected illness tomorrow.  

Ever since my sister Beth was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 1996, and I first began researching what I could find on the internet about FAP/Gardners Syndrome, I've understood that the supposed "experts" in the supposed field knew so so so little about what happened with FAP/Gardners Syndrome and what issues would appear later for us.  I also realized that as those "experts" learned more about FAP/Gardners, they also learned that they knew so little about the realities of the issue.  But, since we are such a small percentage of the population that offers very little to no lucrative investment opportunities for the Pharmaceutical industry, little money will be "donated" for increased and adequate research into better understanding what FAP/Gardners truly consists of.  

As I mentioned two days ago, Beth is a "sweet tooth" and I am not.  We are brother and sister.  Unlike Sheri, Beth and I inhereted the gene for FAP/Gardners Syndrome.  My gene seemingly expressed itself more than hers.  However, to this date, until her doctors and her scientific friends tell her that the expression of her cancer probably was caused by her elevated consumption of sugar/refined carbohydrates, she will ignore anything I write; first of all because I am not a doctor or scientist; second, because she doesn't read.  So, of course she must maintain blind faith in science, doctors, medical technology and pharmaceuticals. It's a very convenient marriage:  Until death do we part! 

To this date I have not developed cancer.  However, I was the first member of our generation to have preventative surgery for removing my colon.  I've also had my rectum removed.  In this day and age it is easier to have surgery than to change to a very socially unpopular diet that would exclude you from social circles since you would be perceived as a rain on the parade or a wet blanket...  If you don't drink beer or mixed alcoholic beverages, fruit juice or soda, you have no role in bar where your friends go to socialize and you are boring.  If you don't eat refined carbs, you won't find almost anything to eat on most restaurant menus.  People will be offended if you reject most of the food they offer at their parties thrown in their homes...  And you will become exhausted explaining why you can't eat the cake or the spaghetti or the pizza or the hot dogs or the rice or the ice cream or the tortillas...  and it will not be worth it asking for the ingredient list of all the food items that supposedly weren't manufactured with gluten or other aspects of wheat or with fructose or with the rest the simple carbs or with transfats...  Who of your friends or family will appreciate the pressure of trying to develop a menu that considers your needs?  Truthfully, this diet for preventing the development of uncontrolable cancer or what are being called Chronic Diseases of Civilization (Diabetes, Alzheimers, Heart Disease, Auto-immune diseases, Cancer) is much more socially difficult than that of vegetarianism.  With vegetarianism, the vegetarian (although possibly extremist) can drink alcohol, drinks of very high sugar content, cakes/pastries, snacks/hors d vours and just has to select from the table what does not consist of animal protein/animal fat...  Gelatin is animal protein.  Cheese is a combination of animal fat and animal protein...  The Vegan in the party will become incredibly relieved upon my appearance within the situation/discussion, since the focus will be taken off why they don't eat meat and they will suddenly stop being called a rabbit that only eats lettuce, because they eat the pasta, rice, bread, pastries, sauces, alcoholic beverages and sweetened drinks.

Epigenetics...  If you truly care about your health and you truly want to change your current situation or your level of risk... if you want to prevent, instead of later on frantically seek for a cure watching all of your money disappear etc...

But, what I've noticed is that the obese and overweight... 

with various related health issues along with what they see in their reflection in the mirror or their reflection in the minds of others or what they experience shopping for clothes, fruitlessly/obsessively exercising (if they have the energy for the exercising), or with another unsuccessful dieting attempt as my mother could attest to...

... don't want to stop eating the things that make them "happy" and/or socially acceptable or popular...

Just as my sister would not wish to think about what I wrote/shared with her back in March and April.  The gravity of her situation isn't worth changing certain habits, such as the habit of not reading...

Our beloved doctor DeCosse, supposed expert in the field of FAP/Gardners Syndrome in the 1980s shared with us information that turned out to be down right incorrect, such as removal of the colon removes most of the risk of FAP related cancer... and that high fiber diets decrease the risk of colorectal cancer...  He also prescribed anti-inflamatory medication (NSAIDS) used with diabetics for decreasing polyps that lead to duodenitis (a horrible risk factor for those with Gardners that leads to a whole slew of cancers-- now connected with FAP -- in that region of the body) For 60 years since Ansel Keys began the Fat-Cholesterol theory of Heart Disease that led to the belief of Cancer and Diabetes also being caused by saturated fat intake, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Nutritionists and Oncologists have been pushing their clients to low-fat/high carbohydrate diets as the obesity rates, diabetes rates, cancer (breast, colon, prostate) rates, alzheimers rates, and heart disease rates have sky-rocketed at the same time that exercise rates and the exercise related industry profits (such as gym memberships) have also sky-rocketted... this massive increase in obesity and metabolic disorders couldn't possibly be due lack of exercise... and it has become abundantly clear that it is not related to fat consumption that greatly decreased at the same time.  So, ask yourself what is being ignored.  What is it that you are not being told and why not?  What is missing in the equation?  Is it possible that there is another missing link with the issue and risk of FAP/Gardners?  


I am certain that Beth does not know about Epigenetics, which is an extremely valid scientific/medical field.  I'm certain my mother doesn't know about Epigenetics either, nor do most of the "victims" of FAP/Gardners Syndrome.  If she did (if they did)... Maybe she would change her mind about her preconcieved notions and possibly her very own personal experience.

What if they read a little bit about what Epigenetics suggests?

It doesn't remove the reality of their genetic difference; uniqueness... That they are special...  But, it would offer other avenues for addressing the issues of the future... maybe not for them, but for their children who will inherit the gene...  But, it would require that they take responsibility for much of the work and not leave all the work to the so-called specialists, hospitals and the insurance companies...

Remember, the gene remains the same.  But, environmental factors may cause a change in how the gene expresses itself.

What if you have FAP/Gardners and the environment you place within your body on a daily basis maintains a certain homeostasis that causes the gene for FAP/Gardners to NOT EXPRESS ITSELF?

Or is it that you can't live with what makes you different from others; hence, special?

Cancer cells feed on glucose, have many more insulin receptors than normal cells, and with a diet of readily accessible glucose, multiply extremely rapidly; much more rapidly than do normal cells.  How do you prevent this rapid multiplication?  You starve the cancer cells by restricting the flow of glucose in your blood stream.  Don't worry.  Your cells find energy just as easily from fat and then from protein; they'll continue thriving.  But your cancer cells will cease to multiply (removing the immediate risk) and/or they will die.  The issue isn't with preventing cancer, since we certainly have cells mutating every day.  The issue is with the development of cells becoming tumors and moving to other parts of the body (metastacizing)...  A cancer cell is like an atom. A tumor is like a molecule.  Just as atoms don't have to construct molecules, Cancer cells don't have to equate to tumors, meaning that cancer cells don't have to equate to illness or to death...  

But, if your lifestyle and your so-called 21st century "liberty" and the economy of the industries (sugar, wheat, corn, industrial vegetable oils, prepared foods, alcoholic beverages, farmaceutical) that couldn't give a damn about your health (especially that of your children) or your economy is more important than your health and, especially that of your children... continue as you are.  But don't complain about your situation, your experience, no more woe is me, especially tomorrow.  

Because you do have other possibilities, alternatives.  And you can become proactive, if only for you and your family...

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