Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lactic Acid verses Endorphins for clearing the mind and making you more focussed during and after heavy exercise?

Back to fermented milk products; I just read that fermented milk is high in lactase or lactic acid and lactase is what the brain cells rely upon for energy, although produced in the metabolic process of converting glucose to lactic acid. Now, we have always heard that heavy exercise is what clears the mind or makes you more focussed due to endorphins. What if it isn't the Endorphin but the lactic acid produced by metabolizing glucose in the muscle? Afterall, where does the lactic acid go when it leaves the muscles and isn't burning you? Maybe it's transfered to the brain...


Marcia said...

I don't know where you got that "quote" from Chris Kresser, but he's never said anything about taking methionine or eating steak and eggs to lower histamine levels.

I believe that idea, and the idea that one is either an undermethylator or overmethylator, came from hypotheses of the late Carl Pfieffer, who was using folic acid (and not active folates like methylfolate or folinic acid) in his experiments.

I would strongly recommend going to Dr. Ben Lynch's site, or back to Chris Kresser's, and looking up methylation and histamine. One needs the various methylating supplements in order to break down histamine, including possibly methionine, but also b12, methylfolate, or folinic acid. Also, the other way histamine is broken down is via the DAO enzyme -- that's something to google as well.

Also, there's a difference between genetics and "genetic expression".

Good luck. You can lower your levels and feel better.

Ross said...

Hi Marcia, I don't know why I'm just now being informed of your comment (3 weeks later)... And, it seems that you are responding to another piece I wrote, since in this one I don't mention Chris Kresser... As for that "quote" of his... it's strange, about a month ago I was looking for the reference and didn't find it again with Chris Kresser, which is strange, since it was his response to people's comments on his piece on bone broth... Like me, they found that consuming bone broth created an allergic reaction... and I am certain that it was Chris Kresser who said that they were sensitive to glycine and the way to reverse the reaction was to increase their methionine levels by eating muscle meats away from the bone... Well, I don't know if you'll return to this comment. In any case, thanks much for the suggestions. They will be of great assistance in the near future. At the moment, I find myself away from home for 4 weeks and don't have the luxury of researching and informing myself adequately.