Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Mexico isn't the United States for "Democracy", physical and economic health

Why would Mexico not allow the same dosis as the United States... Why would Mexico allow the entrance of so many stolen vehicles... Why would a 1973 Monte Carlo I bought for $700 USD in New Jersey in 1986 sell for $3,000 USD here in Mexico in 2012, and not because it's a classic car (Volkswagon Bugs are sold here for at least $1,500 USD when they were removed from the U.S. market almost 30 years ago). Why are pharmaceuticals banned in the U.S. sold in Mexico? Why are Kitchen Aid stand up beaters taken off the U.S. Market sold all over Mexico, yet at twice the price of the most luxury/advanced Kitchen Aid in the U.S.? Why would a lower quality Toyota Corolla sell for 40% more in Mexico than in the U.S., although it is manufactured here? A 180 capsule bottle of GNC Vitamin D3 5,000 IU in the U.S. costs $20 USD. A 100 capsul bottle of GNC Vitamin D2 400 UIs in Mexico (they don't sell it in the U.S. and GNC is from the U.S.) $15 USD, meaning that the equivalent of what costs you $20 in the U.S. will cost me $270 USD here... Imagine that. Mexico is the #1 consumer of Coca Cola products. If I am correct, they are #1 in the world with Diabetes and #1 or #2 in the world in Obesity. Mexico is #11 of the richest countries, #10 of the most populated countries; the U.S. is #3 of the most populated countries. Imagine the pharmaceutical market here... The top 4 "industries" in Mexico that make up the brunt of the GNP here are (not in order because it changes every year) Petroleum, Tourism, exportation of resources--non-luxury-items (corn, minerals, coffee, sugar etc) and Dollars sent back to Mexican families by "migrant" Mexican workers in the U.S. The Mexican government exports it's almost poorest people to the U.S. and removes a grand public health/social programs burden on the government (that the U.S. absorbs in return for very important industrial favors by Mexico). The "American" anti-immigration/anti-Mexican "racists" don't understand international trade and political economy. With all the money that Mexico has from it's GNP, Mexico could create social/education/public health programs that remove the need for so much internal and external migration. However, that would require a ton of investment (moreso in time and energy) and the Mexican political culture was never created for planning for the future. Plus, the U.S. and Canada gain too much from the exchanges here to want a truly independent Mexico. So, why wouldn't they want me to have access to information and adequate supplements, adequate diet? Because "I" possibly wouldn't need to buy BP medication or Genaprazol for gastritis or diabetes meds or new Coca Cola vitamin water/electrolyte products. The number #1 bakery in the world BIMBO bought the formerly #1 bakery in the world Weston Foods of Canada/U.S. (former owner of Wonder, Branola etc). BIMBO is Mexican. Their most whole wheat bread in Mexico, is one step above white bread... BIMBO controls the Hostess-style cake and cookie market in Mexico. Pepsi Co is the #1 fried or baked "junk food" manufacturer in the world since it owns Frito Lay Co. Come to Mexico and you'll be amazed at the variety of Frito-Lay products that you wouldn't dream of seeing in the U.S. Here, Nestle controls most of the milk market in Mexico. The milk producers are almost totally dependent upon selling their milk to Nestle. Here in Mexico Nestle can promote on the Television Nesquick chocolate milk for advanced growth in Children. In the U.S. Nestle would be sued for misleading the consumer. Here in Mexico Nestle promote Nescafe as having a high amount of anti-oxidents for promoting health. In the U.S. they would be sued for misinformation and lying. I'm sure you've heard about the Walmart Corruption Controversy in Mexico... I'm sure you've read about HSBC money laundering here in Mexico. The "big guys" don't do this so much in the U.S., Canada, Northern/Western Europe, not because of ethics or morals, but because of safeguarding, monitoring. However, the same well-meaning "people" in those countries see a financial opportunity in Mexico and they forget about their ethics, morals... 

It was recently published in the U.S. that if the government seriously addresses the issues connected with Vitamin D deficiency, it could decrease healthcare costs 25-50% by decreasing hypertension, heart disease, many cancers etc. And that's why it's in the Mexican medical and pharmaceutical (although the pharmaceutical sector actually is American, Canadian and German for the most part) private sectors best interest that "I" can't obtain adequate vitamin suppliments here... And, if the U.S. government pays a descent amount of healthcare costs for the elderly and the disabled and a little bit for the poor, why would the medical/pharmaceutical industry wish to decrease the healthcare costs? "Americans" are fortunate because they truly believe in democracy and fighting for it and fighting for freedom of speech and expression and access to information and access to improved quality of life and access to adequate education for their children. It's a complex socio-political system that has deep roots that almost automatically protects your best interests and those of your children and grandchildren even if you never communicate with anyone and you don't set foot out of your house. Here in Mexico, the socio-political situation is opposite that of the U.S., and has it's deep set roots cultivated by a totally different historical situation based upon Spanish Conquest and explotation never planned for creating a safer, "freer", healthier situation outside of Spain. And within Spain, the cultural, political and educational situation was maintained in the Dark Ages by the Inquisition that existed well into the 19th century. In its territories the idea was day-to -day how do we remove as much value from the earth as easily, quickly and cost-effectively as possible. If someone offers 100 million dollars to a few politicians in Latin America, the constitution momentarily becomes null and void and oil, silver, uranium, gold, tequila distilleries, super lucrative beer companies, people (generally girls between the age of 10 and 16), land... is sold. In Mexico the pseudo-intellectuals yell, "Pinches Gringos" when the truth is that Mexico has always been for sale when the price is right... That's how Mexico has the richest man in the world who controls half of the Mexican GNP... controls less than 50% of the New York Times and now the NYTs doesn't publish anything controversial about Mexico... Imagine that! One of the most important newspapers in the world for being "liberal", now has moved a bit to the right... 

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