Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba
Taken from Huatusco, Veracruz, the closest town to Margarita's family's ranch.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Materialism, Spirit, Eternity, Overpopulation, Human Suffering, Destruction of the Planet or Earth Cleansing itself...

I have this conflict M... and I believe it is increasing.  And the conflict is that I believe that the world's destiny and human destiny (interconnected) is towards destruction...  That said, I believe that those who are developing consciousness within this lifetime (some would call it enlightenment, spirituality, conscientiousness) must learn that their route is towards educating others in a form of exceptance and spiritual faith that we transcend this physical body, earthly body (referring to the planet) and this lifetime and that we are eternal and not truly material beings.  I believe that instead of giving us the justification that we can abuse and exploit since we are infinite or eternal, making the body and the planet disposable, it should enable us to relax and not be obsessive about obtaining all we can obtain within this lifetime...  I take responsibility for my following words and that no one planted them in my mind:

For some reason or another we must have our own personal and probably difficult experiences; some or many people with experiences much more difficult than others...  I believe that the planet as an organism must cleanse itself.  But that means that it must remove an excess of human lives...  I also believe, for the history and the lesson of the human race, many people must perform acts that harm others (considered innocent) and the planet (which is our umbilical chord, uterus and embrionic fluid)...  We all have our own personal destinies within this lifetime.  Although personal, those destinies are interconnected with those of others...  The rapist, the exploiter, the mutilator is participating "innocently" in the destiny of others or of all...  We must try and understand and try and learn from the experience and try and accept. It's difficult.  I also believe that many people were born on this planet as wheels in the machine or bricks in the wall and a select "few" were born on this planet for learning how to fly or for teaching others how to fly... how to breath and tranquility for flying from this lifetime into other dimentions and into other lifetimes...  There are "too many" "souls" on this planet... Better phrased; There are too many human bodies on this planet...  But, it is much easier to "manufacture" bodies than it is to "manufacture" souls.  So, I believe that, as the human population increases we find an increase of bodies born onto this planet lacking "souls"...  As my friend Jenny says, who is studying bhuddism... "the bhuddists within meditation sought every cell of their bodies and didn't encounter the soul or the spirit...  They concluded that we are a mind and not a spirit..."(paraphrased).  That said, the person born without a "spirit" or a "soul" is actually a person born without the potential of conscientiousness or consciousness...  But how do you determine who was born with or without?  You don't. And maybe it's not true that they are born without but born INTO a situation within which they intentionally aren't given access to the tools for developing conscientiousness, which brings us back to destiny. It's possible that the person who was born into the route of abject materialism (narcisism/hedonism) suddenly changes direction and develops consciousness.  Through that person's personal experience there is a greater opportunity for others learning intensely.  But the majority of those born within this destiny lacking conscientiousness etc. will die without evolution away from materialism into spiritualism (my belief that we are more importantly spirit than we are a physical body)...  

I truthfully believe that our work is to bring others into other dimensions away from the material/physical Earth reality.  I also believe that the Earth must cleanse itself and we must be ready for the repercussions of that cleansing, meaning that you must prepare your people to fly and accept drastic change and new situations (we don't die.  We float and we leave this body behind; the physical body is an illusion necessary for focussing within this lifework.  If you know that you continue and that you don't truly die, then maybe you don't learn within this lifetime and you just await the following "world"; hoping that it is a better life. But that's not the point.  You do the best you can here and you prepare for the continuation and you don't make this lifetime disposable, otherwise you wouldn't have learned and evolved...)

But that does not mean that we aren't participating within the destruction of the human "race" and the Earth.  But, as I keep saying, I believe the Earth must cleanse itself, meaning that we will see an increasing rate of natural "disasters".  But they aren't disasters.  They are recuperations...  If you and your people survive these events on this planet or if you fly to the following dimention or lifetime... it's all the same.  But you must be conscious and conscientious...  here or there.  It's part of your destiny and it's how you nourish others:-)

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